Vol. 6, No.11 November 2016

Pages 392-431

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Customized E-Learning System for Niger Delta Univeristies Abstract Full Text
   J.D. Enoch | Nne .R. Saturday 392-400
- Cloud Computing Based Of E-Learning Abstract Full Text
   Mohammed Omar | Nizar Al-momani 401-404
- Microstructural Characteristics of Aluminum Based Composites Developed By Liquid Metallurgy Route: An Overview Abstract Full Text
   Ajide O.O. | Oluwole O.O. | Abu R. | Petinrin M.O. 405-415
- A New Model Based Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Preload Optimization Method Abstract Full Text
   Dong Yanfang | Zhou Zude| Liu Mingyao 416-423
- Barite Sag Problem in Directional Drilling Abstract Full Text
   Hardy J. M. Rasheed 424-431

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