Green Energy Tech

Micromobility as an Alternative to Car-free Transportation


Electric scooters and bikes seem to be increasing in popularity recently. Purchases of two-wheeled vehicles are rapidly rising in the search for alternative means to navigate easy movement around the city without depending on pedal power on pedal power alone. 
Their presence in the streets is probably more noticeable as a result of the numerous share models that are available. Riders can easily download…

Photovoltaic Windows as a Way to Optimise Energy Conservation for Skyscrapers


If we told you that glass-walled skyscrapers were not only aesthetically pleasing but could also be energy efficient, would you believe us? Well, it is absolutely true. According to researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, all it requires is the addition of thermally efficient photovoltaic windows. 
Their research which was published in the One Earth journal, explained building designs that make it possible for building structures to be energy-efficient. 
Researchers previously believed that energy-…

New Insights on Preventing Energy Loss in Organic Solar Cells


Organic solar cells are now gaining momentum in the world of energy conservation. Their versatility makes them a better choice in comparison to the more popular silicon solar panels. The design is lightweight, adjustable, and available in numerous colours, giving it an attractive aesthetic appeal for urban applications. 
Sadly, progress in understanding and perfecting the …