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Harnessing Technology for Targeted Drug Delivery With the Untethered Magnetic Millirobot


Scientists have created a new magnetic millirobot that can be untethered to deliver drugs to specific targets, such as tumors. This represents a significant breakthrough in targeted drug delivery, which could lead to more effective treatments with fewer side effects.
The millirobot is made up of several small magnets that can move independently. By steering these magnets, the millirobot can navigate to specific targets in the body. Once there, it can release drugs or other payloads.
This technology has already been …

New Advances in Deep Learning for Robots May Help Them Better Understand Us


Recently, there have been some amazing advances in deep learning for robots. Deep learning allows robots to learn from data and recognize patterns. This is important for social interaction, as it enables robots to better understand the nonverbal signals we send each other.
This advancement will allow robots to interact with us more naturally. For example, they will be able to understand and respond to our gestures, body movements, and tone of voice. This will make it easier for us to communicate with them, which could eventually lead to true human-robot …

Taking Accessibility and Autonomy to the Next Level: Making Future Autonomous Transportation Accessible


With the help of accessible transportation options, people with disabilities can live more independently and participate in all aspects of society. 
Accessible transportation is essential for people with disabilities, and it can also benefit everyone else too. By making future autonomous transportation accessible to everyone, we are taking steps towards a more inclusive and equal society. …