Vol. 6, No.3 March 2016

Pages 78-112

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Design and Fabrication of Tracked Mobile Robot Prototype Abstract Full Text
   Idung E.N. | Asima M. | Oyinki W.T. 78-84
- Development of Coal Fired Furnace for Small Scale Enterprises Abstract Full Text
   Okafor 85-93
-Designing a Mechanical System That Will Be Used To Extract and Separate Lemon Grass Oil Abstract Full Text
   Braimah S. R. | Andoh, P. Y. | Tawiah, P. O. 94-103
- Development of a Solar Powered Lawn Mower Abstract Full Text
   Okafor | Ehujuo | Igbokwe 104-108
- Duct Design for Effective Performance Design of Vacuum Nozzle Abstract Full Text
   Okafor 109-112

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