Vol. 6, No.6 June 2016

Pages 175-202

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Modelling of Multiphase Flow in Pressure Swirl Atomizer Abstract Full Text
   Dr. Elham Abd Al-Majeed | Sundus Abbas 175-181
- Stabilization of A-2-7(0) Laterite Soil and Strength Characteristics Using Three Selected Cements Individually Abstract Full Text
   I. Akiije 182-190
- Investigation of Drying Quality of Yam (A Staple Food) From Developed Multipurpose Food Dryer Abstract Full Text
   Sheidu Sumaila Onimisi | Akonyi Nasiru Sule 191-196
- To Investigate The Effects Of Steel Fibers On Mechanical Properties Of Normalconcrete Abstract Full Text
   Arbab Imran Khan | Rahmat Ali | Dr. Abid Ali Shah | M. Zeeshan Ahad Khan 197-202
- Effect of Calcium Carbide Residue and Crushed Granite Fine on Cement Stabilized Laterite Abstract Full Text
   Manasseh Joel | Joseph Ejelikwu Edeh 203-210

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