Vol. 5, No.4 April 2015

Pages 194-263

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Predictive Analysis of Bare-Hull Resistance of a 25,000 Dwt Tanker Vessel Abstract Full Text
   Nitonye Samson | Sidum Adumene 194-198
- Performance Evaluation of Field Efficiencies of Some Tractor Drawn Implements in Ebonyi State Abstract Full Text
   O.Oduma | J.E Igwe | D.I Ntunde 199-204
- Comperative Performance of a Locally Developed Groundnut Decorticator with an Imported Kirlosker Decorticator Abstract Full Text
   O.Oduma | J.C EDE | C.C EZE 205-211
- Effect Of Effective Specific Gravity On Vma Of Asphalt Concrete (Case Study Of Lolioge Materials Of Palu City) Abstract Full Text
   Syamsul Arifin | Mary Selintung | Lawalenna Samang 212-224
-Techno-Economic Assessment of Large-Scale Aero-Derivative Industrial Gas Turbines Combined-Heat-And-Power Abstract Full Text
   Barinyima Nkoi | Pericles Pilidis | Theoklis Nikolaidis 225-240
-Estimation of Pressure Drop, Liquid Holdup and Flow Pattern in a Two Phase Vertical Flow Abstract Full Text
   Omon Ehizoyanyan | Dulu Appah | Okotie Sylvester 241-253
-Barium Sulphate Scaling Prevention Abstract Full Text
   Obot Itoro | Okotie Sylvester | Dulu Appah 254-263

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