Vol. 4, No.9 September 2014

Pages 499-565

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Cross-Layer Integration Approach for Improving QoS for IPv6 Based VOIP Abstract Full Text
   E.M. Dogo, A. Ahmed | O.M. Olaniyi 499-505
- Modeling of Power System Component: (One-Two-Three-Winding) Transformer Model for Utilization of Voltage Levels Abstract Full Text
   Braide S. L | Idoniboyeobu D. C. 506-523
- Precipitation Effect on the Coverage Areas of Terrestrial UHF Television Stations in Ondo State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Ajewole M. O | Akinbolati A | Adediji A. T | Ojo J.S 524-535
- A Proposed Framework for Ranking and Reservation of Cloud Services Abstract Full Text
   Mamoun Hussein Mamoun | Eslam Mohamed Ibrahim 536-541
- Optic Fiber as a Reliable Medium for Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN) Connectivity Abstract Full Text
   Amaku Amaku | Raphael E.Watti | John Joshua 542-547
- Human Resource Management for Effective Planning and Marketing of Petroleum Products(A Case Study of PPMC,   Ekpan-Warri, Delta State, Nigeria) Abstract Full Text
   O.C. Alaba | S.A. Agbalajobi 548-557
- Effect PF Pillar at Channels Bend on the Changes of Superlevation Coefficient Abstract Full Text
   M. G. Ishak| M. S. Pallu | M. A. Thaha | dan R. T. Lopa 558-565

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