Vol. 2, No.5 May 2012

Pages 729-912

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Comparison of Performance of Standard Water-based and Oil-based Mud For Drilling Purpose During Carbon Dioxide   Gas Kick From Adjacent Reservoir Abstract PDF
   Adebayo, Thomas Ayotunde 729-731
- Powering Cell Sites for Mobile Cellular Systems using Solar Power Abstract PDF
   N. Faruk | A.A Ayeni | M. Y. Muhammad | L.A.Olawoyin | A. Abubakar | J. Agbakoba | O. Moses 732-741
- A Simulation Model for the Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle Abstract PDF
   Youssef Bassil 742-749
- Analysis and Classification of Ultrasound Kidney Images Using Texture Properties Based on Logical Operators Abstract PDF
   E.Kohilavanti | E.Thangaselvi | O.Revathy 750-755
- Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Distribution Static Compensator System Abstract PDF
   K Hussain | J Praveen 756-760
- Mitigation of Harmonics in a Three-Phase, Four-Wire Distribution System using a System of Shunt Passive Filters Abstract PDF
   Erwin Normanyo 761-774
- Domestic Power Efficiency using Sensors and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Abstract PDF
   Erwin Normanyo | Stephen Kofi Sika-Nartey | Sapong Kwabena Boadi 775-786
- Finding the Epipoles of a Sequence of Images for Forward Moving Camera Abstract PDF
   MD. Hamidur Rahman | Sarat C. Uppolapati | Ravitez R. Gopavaram | Wlodek J. Kulesza 787-790
- Distribution Optiminizing Particle Size of Quartz Sand in “XELLA” Factory in Kosovo Abstract PDF
   Hyseni.S | Kelmendi.M | Durmishaj.B | Tahiri.I | Operta.M 791-794
- Fed-batch Alcoholic Fermentation of Palm Juice (Arenga pinnata Merr): Influence of the Feeding Rate on Yeast, Yield   and Productivity Abstract PDF
   Muhammad Kismurtono 795-799
- Adsorption Characteristics of Steel Scrap used as Heterogeneous Catalyst in Fenton Process in Textile Dyeing   Wastewater Treatment Abstract PDF
   R.Ganesan | K.Thanasekaran 800-808
- A Review of Architectures - Intel Single Core, Intel Dual Core and AMD Dual Core Processors and the Benefit Abstract PDF
   A.I. Fasiku | J. B. Olawale | O. T. Jinadu 809-817
- Dynamic Stability Improvement of an Integrated Grid Connected Offshore Wind Farm and Marine Current Farm Using   a STATCOM - Paper Suspended Abstract PDF
   JBV Subrahmanyam | Ch.Srikanth | S.RadhaKrishna Reddy | Ch.Kamal | GR.Shalini 818-828
- Evaluation of Structural Performance of Pervious Concrete in Construction Abstract PDF
   S.O. Ajamu | A.A. Jimoh | J.R. Oluremi 829-836
- Biometric Authentication by Dorsal Hand Vein Pattern Abstract PDF
   C. Nandini | Ashwini C | Medha Aparna | Nivedita Ramani | Pragnya Kini | Sheeba k 837-840
- Prepared for the Cloud Abstract PDF
   Nigel McKelvey | Eamonn Houston-Callaghan 841-843
- Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Staggered Ribbed Backward Facing Step Flow with Inclined Impinging Jet Abstract PDF
   Khudheyer S. Mushatet 844-849
- Compressive Properties of Cocoa Beans Considering the Effect of Moisture Content Variations Abstract PDF
   Bart-Plange | A., Addo | A., Abano E.E. | Akowuah, J.O 850-858
- Cost Estimation and Identification of Transport Infrastructure Facility Projects in Salem Abstract PDF
   T.Subramani 859-867
- Maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance in the Cloud Abstract PDF
   Nigel McKelvey | Kevin Curran 868-872
- Architecture of a Floating Point Register for an Experimental RISC CPU Abstract PDF
   Ajay A. Joshi | Siew Lam | Yee Chan 873-877
- Domestic Waste Management and Urban Residential Environment: Focus on Akure, Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Fakere Alexander A | Fadairo Gabrie | Oriye Olusegun 878-887
- Fuzzy Hybrid Modeling of a Reactive Distillation Column for Ethyl Acetate Process Abstract PDF
   D.O. Araromi | J. O. Emuoyibofarhe | J. A. Sonibareun 888-899
- An Improved Fuzzy Based Glowworm Algorithm Abstract PDF
   Behnam Iranpour | Mohammadreza Meybodi 900-905
- Advanced Infrared Technique for Landmine Detection Abstract PDF
   P.Kranthi Chakravarthy | C.Srinivasa Jogarao | R.S.V.K.Varun 906-912

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