Vol. 1, No.1 October 2011

Pages 2-88

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Tool Life Optimization in 2.5D Milling by Coupling Regression Model and Genetic Algorithm Abstract PDF
  Arun Kumar Gupta | Pankaj Chandna | Puneet Tandon 2-8
- SMESRT: A Protocol for Multiple Event-to-Sink Reliability in WSN Abstract PDF
  Hafizur Rahman | Debajyoti Karmaker | Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman | Nahar Sultana 9-14
- Application of SVPWM Technique to Three Level Voltage Source Inverter Abstract PDF
  JBV Subrahmanyam | Sankar 15-22
- EWOL Authentication Scheme for Grid Computing Abstract PDF
  Debajyoti Karmaker | Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman | Hafizur Rahman | Mohammad Saidur Rahman 23-26
- Tamper Detection for Low Cost RFID Tags: Using Watermarking with Chaotic Mapping Abstract PDF
  Kevin Curran | Tom Lunney | Ali N M Noman 27-32
- Incorporating Radio Frequency Identification into the Production Line for Work Flow Improvement Abstract PDF
  Andrew Mc Clintock | Charles Young | Kevin Curran | Dennis McKeag | Gavin Killeen 33-60
- Foundation of Vortex Gravitation, Cosmology and Cosmogony Abstract PDF
  Sergey Orlov 61-79
- An Analytical Evaluation on Li's Inheritance Metric Suites against Weyuker's Properties Abstract PDF
  Kumar Rajnish | Vandana Bhattcaherjee 80-88

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