Vol. 7, No.3 March 2017

Pages 455-499

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Improvement Corrosion Resistance on AL-Alloys by Polymer Coating (Epoxy Resin) Abstract Full Text
   Baraa H. Al khaqani 469-474
- Information Technology In Jordan:E-Service Quality And Internet Banking Abstract Full Text
   Nizar Al-momani | Dr.Bilal Almomani | Mohammed Omar 475-483
- Numerical Prediction of Sauter Mean Diameter from Pressure Swirl Atomizer Using Eulerian Model Abstract Full Text
   S.K. Amedorme | A.A. Burluka 484-494
- Radiogenic Characterisation of Wastes and Soil around Cassiterite Mine Sites in Plateau State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   A. O. Owolabi | Z. O. Opafunso | L. Lajide 495-499

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