Vol. 6, No.8 August 2016

Pages 253-309

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Image Acquisition and Text To Speech Conversion for Visually Impaired People Abstract Full Text
   Priyanka Rathod | Suvarna Nandyal 253-259
- Development of Software for Design and Construction of Rotary Dryer for Drying Ground Cassava Abstract Full Text
   Ademiluyi F. T 260-270
- Development of Anthropometric Data for Benue State Nigeria Agricultural Workers Abstract Full Text
   T. K. Kaankuka | M. T. Ikyaator | V. I. Umogbai 271-277
- Dynamics of a Four Quadrant Chopper Controlled D.C Machine at a Regulated Duty Cycle and Machine Speed for   Efficient Drive Performance Abstract Full Text
   C. O. Omeje 278-288
- Computational Intelligent Controller Design of MIMO Spacecraft System Abstract Full Text
   Tharwat O. S. Hanafy | Ahmad Aziz Alahmadi | Nadjim Merabtine 289-298
- A Comparative Analysis of Speed Control Techniques of Dc Motor Based on Thyristors Abstract Full Text
   Nwosu A.W | Nwanoro G. C 299-309

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