Vol. 5, No.5 May 2015

Pages 264-321

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Development of a Dual-Energy Steam Boiler for Small-Scale Sterilization of Palm Fruit Abstract Full Text
   A Isaac Bamgboye | D. N. Onwe 264-268
- Use of Sacrificial Anode for Corrosion Protection of Tradition Well Cover Abstract Full Text
   Olusunle, S.O.O. | Ogundare, O.D. | Akinribide, O.J. | Adebo, G.J. 269-274
- Chemical Stabilization of Selected Laterite Soils Using Lateralite for Highway Pavement Abstract Full Text
   I. Akiije 275-282
- Computational Disparities between Critical Parameters of a Photovoltaic Array via Two Analytical Models Abstract Full Text
   Guda, H. A. | Aliyu U. O. 283-289
- Project Based Learning – Virtual Lab: Heat Transfer Abstract Full Text
   Haifa El-sadi 290-296
- Analysis of Frequency Notched UWB Planar Antennas: Determination of Notch Frequency and Effect of Parasitic   Elements Abstract Full Text
   Leslie Spiteri | Carl J. Debono | Adrian Muscat 297-303
- Cost Comparison between Photovoltaic and Diesel Generator Water Pumping Systems Abstract Full Text
   Guda, H. A. | Aliyu U. O. 304-309
- Comparative Study on Exhaust Emission and Engine Performance of Single Cylinder Spark-Ignited Engine Operated On   Gasoline and Natural Gasuit Abstract Full Text
   Zulkifli Abdul Majid | Rahmat Mohsin | Noor Shawal Nasri 310-318
- Detection and Segmentation of Lung Cancer Using Geometrical Features of X-Ray Images Abstract Full Text
   Sabah Noori Mazhir | Marwah Abdulmajeed Azeez | Alyaa Hussein Ali 319-321

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