Vol. 5, No.3 March 2015

Pages 113-193

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Neural Network Modeling and Simulation of A 265W Photovoltaic Array Abstract Full Text
   Guda, H. A | Aliyu U. O. 113-125
- Evaluation of Thermal Comfort in a Warm-Humid Nigerian City Using a Thermal Index Abstract Full Text
   Adewale Oluseyi Adunola 126-133
- Suitability of Igbodogi Migmatitic Rock as an Industrial Raw Material Abstract Full Text
   Boluwade E. A | Ayodele C. O 134-140
- Performance of Coherent Optical OFDM in WDM System Based on QPSK and 16-QAM Modulation through Super channels Abstract Full Text
   Laith Ali Abdul-Rahaim | Ibraheem Abdullah Murdas | Mayasah Razzaq 141-158
- Biotechnology, Fruits And Vegetables, Nutritional Quality, Shelf-Life, Ripening, Ethylene. Abstract Full Text
   Ernest Ekow ABANO | John Nelson Buah 159-171
- Preparation of Cordierite Ceramic from Iraqi Raw Material Abstract Full Text
   M.M. Shukur | M.A. Aswad | Z.J. Kadhim 172-175
- Static Analysis of 18-Slot/16-Pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using FEA Abstract Full Text
   M. Rezal | Dahaman Ishak | M. Sabri | Al-Hapis | Norramlee | Norzalina 176-180
- Deformation Behaviour Analysis Of Car Wheel Rim Under Different Loading Using Finite Element Method Abstract Full Text
   M. Sabri | M. Rezal | A. Muaz | K. Shahril | J.Ihsan 181-184
- Municipal Solid Waste as Alternative Source of Energy Generation: A Case Study of Jalingo Metropolis-Taraba State Abstract Full Text
   Tsunatu, D.Y | Tickson T.S | Sam, K.D | Namo,J.M 185-193

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