Vol. 5, No.6 June 2015

Pages 322-385

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Effect of Hydroxyapatite on the Properties of Wollastonite Bioceramics Abstract Full Text
   Shaker Jahil Edrees | Majid Muhi Shukur | Oula Saleh Mahdee 322-328
- Photovoltaic Array Conversion Efficiency and Fill Factor Performances under Varying Intensity of Solar Irradiance Abstract Full Text
   Guda, H. A. | Aliyu U. O. 329-334
- A Novel Λ-Based Genetic Algorithm Solution for Economic Dispatch Problem in Large-Scale Systems Abstract Full Text
   Mohamed.I.Mahrous | M.I.Mosaad 335-342
- Data Retrieval in Wireless Military Networks Using Advanced Encryption Technique Abstract Full Text
   V. Anbarasu | A.Sundar Rajan | S.Sudhakar 343-346
- Management Information System as a Tool for the Determination of Legislative Compliance in Nigerian Solid Mineral   Industries Abstract Full Text
   Z. O. Opafunso | O.D. Eniowo 347-357
- Performance of Domestic AC Voltage Stabilizers in Meeting Low Voltage Problems in Nigeria: A Case Study of 12   Different Brands Abstract Full Text
   Akinlolu Adediran Ponnle 358-367
- Finger Print Enabled Electronic Voting Machine with Enhanced Security Abstract Full Text
   Syed Razwanul Haque | Miah Md. Asaduzzaman | Prasanta Bhattacharjee | Akhlak Uzzaman Ashik | Robi Kormokar 368-374
- Aerodynamics Comparative Analysis of Cargo Truck Tricycles Abstract Full Text
   Agarana David | Ekuase Austin | Odomagah Emmanuel Saturday | Olah Samue | Dania David Ear 375-385

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