Vol. 4, No.5 May 2014

Pages 229-338

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Improved Oil Recovery by Carbon Dioxide Flooding Abstract Full Text
   Ifeanyichukwu, P. C. | Akpabio, J. U. | Isehunwa, S. O. 229-235
- The Effect of Septic Tank Locations on Borehole Water Quality in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Abstract Full Text
   Fubara-Manuel, I. | Jumbo, R. B 236-242
- Implementation of Efficient Algorithm for Mining High Utility Itemsets in Distributed and Dynamic Database Abstract Full Text
   G. Saranya | A.Deepakkumar 243-250
- Comparative Analysis of Properties of Some Artificial Pozzolana in Concrete Production Abstract Full Text
   T.Y. Tsado | M. Yewa | S. Yaman | F.Yewa 251-255
- Effects of Using Biodiesel on Engine Generator Components Abstract Full Text
   Ihwan Haryono | M Taufiq Suryantoro 256-260
- EM and MAP methods for joint path delay and complex gain estimation of a slowly varying fading channel for CPM   signals Abstract Full Text
   Habti Abeida | Mosleh M. Al-Harthi | Nadjim Merabtine | Hatim G. Zaini 261-270
- Developing a Yam Flour Processing System Abstract Full Text
   Basil Okafor 298-304
- Development of a Motorized Pipe Bending Machine Abstract Full Text
   Basil E. Okafor | Daniel Obiora Isiohia 305-312
- Simple Design of a Dual-Powered Domestic Oven Abstract Full Text
   Basil E. Okafor 313-317
- Chitosan/PMMA Bioblend for Drug Release Applications Abstract Full Text
   Zuhair J. Abdul Amer | Jaleel Kareem Ahmed | Sura Fahim Abbas 318-324
- Mechanical Properties Enhancement of Conventional Mild Steel For Fastener Application Abstract Full Text
   O. I. Sekunowo | S. O. Adeosun | O. E. Ojo 325-332
- An Investigation into the Various Statistical Process Control Tools - Paper Withdrawn Abstract Full Text
   Ranjit Sabhapandit | Vipul Vashisht | Anuja Sharma 333-338

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