Vol. 4, No.3 March 2014

Pages 135-169

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Antioxidant Activity of the Isolated Compounds, Methanolic and Hexane Extracts of Toona ciliata Leaves Abstract Full Text
   V. Vinodhini | T.S. Lokeswari 135-138
- Effects of pH Variation on Corrosion of Mild Steel in Bore-hole Water using 1M Sodium Hydroxide Solution Abstract Full Text
   S.I. Durowaye | A.G.F Alabi | O.I. Sekunowo | B. Bolasodun | I.O. Rufai 139-144
- Corrugated Laterite Based Ceramic Roof Tile Stabilized with Cement Abstract Full Text
   F. O. Kolawole | S. A. Adeniji | A. T. Idowu | T. A. Owoseni | O. F. Ngasoh | W.O. Soboyejo 145-149
- HNPC: Hardware Network Packet Classifier for High Speed ?Intrusion Detection Systems Abstract Full Text
   Nekoo Rafiei Karkvandi | Hassan Asgharian | Amir Kusedghi | Ahmad Akbari 150-160
- The Use of Crassostrea Virginica as Lost Circulation Material in Water-Based Drilling Mud Abstract Full Text
   Oluwatoni A. Akeju | Sarah A. Akintola | Julius U. Akpabio 161-169

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