Vol. 3, No.11 November 2013

Pages 959-1024

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Investigation into Industrial Mining Challenges and Effects Abstract Full Text
   Kenneth O. M. Mapoka 959-963
- Effect of Adding Boron on the Electrical Conductivity of Alloy AL-Mg-Mn Abstract Full Text
   Hussein A. Alwan | Nabil L. Al Saffar | Haidar A.H. al-Jubouri 964-972
- Efficient Networking of TINI for Real-Time Weather Data Logging & Deployment over Ethernet and Serial   Communication Links Abstract Full Text
   Vincent A. Akpan | Reginald O. A. Osakwe | Amaku Amaku 973-999
- Hard and Soft Embedded FPGA Processor Systems Design: Design Considerations and Performance Comparisons Abstract Full Text
   Vincent A. Akpan 1000-1020
- A New Imbedding Method for Computing all Real Solutions of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations Abstract Full Text
   Mohammed Abdullahi | A. V. Mandarar | I. G. Bassi 1021-1024

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