Vol. 3, No.3 March 2013

Pages 235-400

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Numerical Coupling of Stress and Seepage in the Design of Pressure Tunnel under to High Internal Water Pressure Abstract Full Text
   Busari Afis Olumide 235-244
- Analysis of Impact of Labour and Input Material on Productivity Abstract Full Text
   Okafor, B.E. 245-257
- Adaptive Priority Routing Protocol for DTN Networks Abstract Full Text
   Mamoun Hussein Mamoun | Saud Barrak 258-264
- Bending Properties of Implants, Rate of Femur Fractures and Implants Failure in Ostoesynthesis, Reported at The   Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kath, Kumasi-Ghana Abstract Full Text
   Faisal Wahib Adam | Joshua Ampofo | Raphael Kumah–Ametepey 265-268
- Path Loss Model Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Teaching Hospital, Kath, Kumasi-Ghana Abstract Full Text
   Biebuma, J.J | Omijeh. B.O 269-275
- Development of a Hovercraft Prototype Abstract Full Text
   Okafor, B.E. 276-281
- Mobile Terminals Energy: A Survey of Battery Technologies and Energy Management Techniques Abstract Full Text
   Oyewobi, S.S. | Onwuka, E.N. | Onumanyi, A.J 282-287
- Manufacturing the 7000 Gear Train Mechanical Assembly Abstract Full Text
   Kambiz Farahmand | Jose Victorino Marquez Grajales | Vahidhossein Khiabani 288-312
- Thermo Siphon Solar Water Heater Abstract Full Text
   Basil Okafor 313-316
- Evaluation of Air Quality in a Confined Poultry House Abstract Full Text
   Oriola, K.O. | Alade A.O. | Adekala, O.S. 317-321
- Sustainability of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Sunder Sea Water Splash Zone Abstract Full Text
   A. K. Al-Tamimi 322-326
- Material Composition and Microstructure of Femoral Shaft Plate Implants Used at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital,    Kath Abstract Full Text
   Faisal Wahib Adam | Joshua Ampofo | Raphael Kumah Ametepey 327-331
- Factors Affecting Quality in the Delivery of Public Housing Projects in Lagos State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Adenuga,Olumide Afolarin 332-344
- Effect of Joint Angle and Excavation Width on Earth Pressure on the Support System in Jointed Rock Mass - Paper   Withdrawn Abstract Full Text
   Adedokun, S. I. | Oluremi, J. R. | Ige, J. A. 345-357
- Comparison of Particulate Matter (PM10) Monitoring Using Beta Attenuation Monitor (BAM) and Simple Instrument Abstract Full Text
   Zul Azmi Mohtar | Noor Faizah Fitri Md Yusof | Nor Azam Ramli | Ahmad Shukri Yahya 358-367
- Investigating Corrosion Characteristics of Electroplated Medium Carbon Steel in Sodium Carbonate Environment for   Decorative Objects Applications Abstract Full Text
   Oluwole O.O. | Garus-Alaka W. | Ajide, O.O. 368-375
- Review Report on Wireless Technology and Integrating WSN with RFID - Paper Withdrawn Abstract Full Text
   Shafiqul Abidin | Vikas Rao Vadi | A.R. Tripathy 376-380
- Experimental Study of Absorptive Solar Powered Refrigerator in IBADAN (Nigeria) - 1: Performance in Actual Site Abstract Full Text
   O.B Akinbisoye | I.F Odesola 381-389
- Time Series Evaluation of Ozone Concentrations in Malaysia Based on Location of Monitoring Stations Abstract Full Text
   Norrimi Rosaida Awang | Nor Azam Ramli | Nurul Izma Mohammed | Ahmad Shukri Yahaya 390-394
- Contribution of Locally Designed and Fabricated Vehicle Seats to Accident Injuries in Ghana. Abstract Full Text
   E.D.K. Dzebre | J. Ampofo | R. Kumah-Ametepey 395-400

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