Vol. 3, No.6 June 2013

Pages 600-701

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Performance on Existing Pond Sand Filter (PSF) Located at Southern Region of Bangladesh: A Case Study Abstract Full Text
   Md. Hasibul Hasan | Md. Abdul Kader | Md. Tanvir Ishtiak Shaon | Md. Iftekar Alam | Md. Masum Billah 600-607
- Design and Characterisation of a Piezoelectric Bimorph Energy Harvesting Device Abstract Full Text
   Action Nechibvute | Albert Chawanda | Pearson Luhanga 608-614
- Management and Life Cycle Assessment of Market Food Waste in Khulna Metropolitan City, Bangladesh: A Case Study Abstract Full Text
   KM Alim Al Razi | MD. Rokon Hasan | MD. Waskuruni | MD. Rafiqul Islam | MD. Hasibul Hasan | Salma Alam 615-622
- Kinetics of Batch Adsorption of Iron II Ions from Aqueous Solution using Activated Carbon from Nigerian Bamboo Abstract Full Text
   Ademiluyi F. T | Ujile A .A 623-631
- Sustainable Development through Architecture: A Reflection Abstract Full Text
   Ijatuyi Olufunto O. | Arayela Olatunde 632-639
- Water Related Diseases as a Challenge to the Implementation of Reproductive Health of Pregnant Women in Anambra   State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   E. E. Ezenwaji | V. I. Otti 640-652
- Condition Monitoring of a Ship Board Centrifugal Pump using Parametric Approach Abstract Full Text
   Ishiodu A. Anthony 653-660
- Heat Transfer Analysis of Two Phase Closed Thermosyphon using Aqueous Solution of n-Butanol Abstract Full Text
   M. Karthikeyan | S. Vaidyanathan | B. Sivaraman 661-667
- Issues in Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window and its Variants using Meta heuristics - A Survey Abstract Full Text
   Sandhya | Vijay Kumar 668-672
- A Compact Microstrip Low Pass Filter Based on DGS with Shaped Microstrip Line Abstract Full Text
   Abdalla Abdulhadi Alsanousi Abdulhadi | Antumani Ashoka | Wilson Jeberson 673-678
- Spectrum Compatibility Study of Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting System and the Microwave Radio Relay Links   in the L-Band Using an Iterative Method Abstract Full Text
   Hatem Mokhtari | Nadjim Merabtine | Mosleh M. Alharthi 679-685
- Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) Concentration in Sediments and Soils around Ibadan,   Southwestern Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Ogungbuyi, P. I. | Obasi, R .A. | Abimbola A .F 686-695
- Estimating Field Loss of a Developed Rice Stripper Harvester in Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Adisa A. F. 696-701

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