Vol. 3, No.2 February 2013

Pages 94-220

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Evaluation of Best Fit Probability Distribution Models for the Prediction of Rainfall and Runoff Volume
  (Case Study Tagwai Dam, Minna-Nigeria)
Abstract Full Text
   Busari Afis Olumide | Mohammed Saidu | Ajibola Oluwasesan 94-98
- Image Clustering using a Hybrid GA-FCM Algorithm Abstract Full Text
   Fagbola, T. Mathew | Babatunde R. Seyi. | Oyeleye, C. Akinwale 99-107
- Experimental Study of the Effect of Foundation Shape on Settlement and Bearing Capacity of Soils Abstract Full Text
   M. Alhassan | I. L. Boiko 108-118
- Feasibility Study of Biogas Production from Water Hyacinth : A Case of Lake Chivero – Harare, Zimbabwe Abstract Full Text
   Kunatsa T | Madiye L | Chikuku T | Shonhiwa C | Musademba D 119-128
- Experimental Analysis of Exhaust Gas Recirculation on DI Diesel Engine Operating with Biodiesel Abstract Full Text
   V.Manieniyan | S.Sivaprakasam 129-135
- Nanofluid Heat Transfer-A Review Abstract Full Text
   Chidanand K Mangrulkar | Vilayatrai M Kriplani 136-142
- Building Machine Learning Algorithms on Hadoop for Bigdata Abstract Full Text
   Asha T | Shravanthi U.M | Nagashree N | Monika M 143-147
- Evaluation of Inter – Area Available Transfer Capability of Nigeria 330KV Network Abstract Full Text
   A. A. Sadiq | M. N. Nwohu 148-158
- An Equivalent Circuit of UWB Patch Antenna with Band Notched Characteristics Abstract Full Text
   Shilpa Jangid | Mithilesh Kumar 159-164
- Study of River Water Quality and Quantity Pangkajene for Irrigation Pangkep District - Indonesia Abstract Full Text
   Johannes Patanduk 165-169
- Optimum Target Value for Two Processes in Series: Case of Hybrid Tubular Expansion Abstract Full Text
   Abdulaziz Al-Aboodi 170-176
- Engineering Order Wire Implementation Abstract Full Text
   Chittajit Sarkar 177-182
- Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars Made from Recycled Steel in Uganda Abstract Full Text
   Senfuka C. | Kirabira J.B. | Byaruhanga J.K. 183-188
- Evaluation of the Influence of Reactor Design on the Treatment Performance of an Optimized Pilot-Scale Waste   Stabilization Pond Abstract Full Text
   David O. Olukanni 189-198
- Development of Small Scale Direct Mode Natural Convection Solar Dryer for Tomato, Okra and Carrot Abstract Full Text
   Eke, Ben Akachukwu 199-204
- Performance and Emission Analysis of Bio Diesel Fuelled Engine with Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Abstract Full Text
   B. Jothi Thirumal| E. James Gunasekaran | C.G.Saravanan 205-211
- Modeling of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   B.O.Omijeh | C. S. Nmom | E. Nlewem 212-220
- Large Deformation Behaviour of Continuum Compliant Systems Abstract Full Text
   Theddeus T. Akano | Omotayo A. Fakinlede 221-234

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