Vol. 3, No.12 December 2013

Pages 1025-1084

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Wireless Sensor Networks for SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Abstract Full Text
   Action Nechibvute | Courage Mudzingwa 1025-1035
- Optimization to improve the Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Electric Power Transmission Wires made from   waste using a Genetic Algorithm Abstract Full Text
   Hussein Ali Alwan | Haidar A.H. al-Jubouri | Nabil L. Al Saffar 1036-1049
- Laboratory Investigations on Behavior of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Composite Sections under Flexural Fatigue   Loading Abstract Full Text
   Aravindkumar.B.Harwalkar | S.S.Awanti 1050-1055
- Productivity Improvement by using Six-Sigma Abstract Full Text
   Md. Enamul Kabir | S. M. Mahbubul Islam Boby | Mostafa Lutfi 1056-1084

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