Vol. 3, No.8 August 2013

Pages 773-841

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- The Comparison between the Research and Calculation Results to the Amount of Ground Water Debit in Recharge   Reservoir using Sand Columns Abstract Full Text
   Akhmad Azis 773-776
- Effects of Rice-Husk Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement on Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Abstract Full Text
   Akinkurolere O. O. 777-780
- Cracking Behavior in Precast Deck Slab Concrete Structure under Cyclic Loading Abstract Full Text
   Nawir Rasidi | Agoes Soehardjono MD | Achfas Zacoeb 781-786
- Determination of Plate Efficiency of Rectification Column in Refinery Operations Abstract Full Text
   A. Ujile | L. G. Amagbo 787-793
- Design and Analysis of Ultra-Compact Plasmonic Sensor based on Waveguide-Coupled Structure Abstract Full Text
   Jian Ping Guo | Jia Hu Zhu | Wen Zhou 794-798
- Correlation between Blast Efficiency and Uniaxial Compressive Strength Abstract Full Text
   M. A. Saliu | A. F. Akindoyeni | I. A. Okewale 799-805
- Evaluation of Explosives Performances on Granite, Calcitic Marble and Dolomitic Marble Abstract Full Text
   M. A. Saliu | A. I. Lawal | A. F. Akindoyeni 806-819
- Process of Sheet and Tube Hydroforming Abstract Full Text
   Edina Karabegovic | Stupac Kasim | Poljak Jasmir 820-823
- Evaluating Mass Transfer Processes for Groundwater Contaminants Flow Models in Yenagoa, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Awajiogak Anthony Ujile 824-833
- Identification of Suitable Material for Solar Thermal Collector in Rural Areas of Zaria Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Eke, Akachukwu Ben 834-841

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