Vol. 2, No.9 September 2012

Pages 1492-1647

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Hydro Geological Engineering and Geological Characteristics of the Upper Neretva Basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Abstract Full Text
   Operta.M | Hyseni.S | Pamuk.S 1492-1502
- Investigation on the Material Removal Mechanism and the Thermal Aspects in the Electrical Discharge Machining    Process Abstract Full Text
   Jagdeep Singh | Vinod Kumar 1503-1507
- Dynamic Crystallization: An Influence on Degree of Prior Deformation and Mechanical Strength of 6063 Aluminum    Alloy Abstract Full Text
   Gbenebor, O.P | Aasa S.A 1508-1511
- Lifetime Maximization for WSNs Abstract Full Text
   Mamoun H. M. | Enas M. 1512-1517
- Structural Analysis of a New Generation of Guyed Telecom Mast with a Wind Turbine Abstract Full Text
   I. Barsoum | F. Barsoum 1518-1528
- Development of Chaos Diagrams for Duffing Oscillator Using Linearity and Nonlinearity Characteristics of Periodic and   Chaotic Responses Abstract Full Text
   Salau T. A.O. | Ajide O.O. 1529-1538
- Analytical Modeling of Axial Force in Hydroforming of Thin-Walled Tube Elements Abstract Full Text
   Edina Karabegović | Milan Jurković | Isak Karabegović 1539-1542
- Simulation and Lyapunov’s Exponents Characterisation of Lorenz and Rösler Dynamics Abstract Full Text
   Salau T. A.O. | Ajide O.O. 1543-1551
- Comparative Analysis of Public-Key Encryption Schemes Abstract Full Text
   Alese, B. K.| Philemon E. D. | Falaki, S. O. 1552-1568
- On Investigating Pollution of Groundwater from Atenda Abattoir Wastes, Ogbomoso, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Adegbola, Adedayo Ayodele | Adewoye, Abosede Olufunmilayo 1569-1586
- Estimation of Bed Load Transport in River Omi, South Western Nigeria using Grain Size Distribution Data Abstract Full Text
   A.A. Adegbola | O. S. Olaniyan 1587-1592
- An Experimental Study on Alcohol Flow in Micro-Channels Abstract Full Text
   R. Kalaivanan | R. Rathnasamy 1593-1599
- Evaluation of Group-Contribution Methods to Estimate Vegetable Oils and Biodiesel Properties Abstract Full Text
   E. G. Lima Neto | G. P. Silva | G. F. Silva 1600-1605
- Characterizing the Product Moisture Loss of Selected Starchy Crops during Extrusion Abstract Full Text
   Folasayo T. Fayose 1606-1612
- Construction Workers’ Satisfaction with Work Provision Requirement Dimensions in Ghana’s Construction Industry Abstract Full Text
   Humphrey Danso 1613-1619
- Design of Universal Shift Register Using Reversible Logic Abstract Full Text
   Md. Selim Al Mamun | Indrani Manda | Md. Hasanuzzaman 1620-1625
- Privacy and Facebook Abstract Full Text
   Ronan Comer | Nigel Mc Kelvey| Kevin Curran 1626-1630
- Finite Element Modeling of Cylindrical Projectile Impact on Aluminum Plate Abstract Full Text
   Basim M. Fadhil 1631-1638
- Innovative MEMS Voltage-to-Frequency Converter using Cascaded Transducers Abstract Full Text
   Amir J. Majid 1639-1643
- Information and Communication Technology in Combating Counterfeit Drugs Abstract Full Text
   Haruna Isah 1639-1643
- CRM Enhancement Abstract Full Text
   Asmaa El-rafaey | Mamoun H. M | M. Abd El Latif | Ibrahim El Henawy 1644-1647

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