Vol. 2, No.7 July 2012

Pages 1094-1186

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Prevention Approach of Phishing on Different Websites Abstract PDF
   Mayur Bhati | Rashid Khan 1096-1101
- Design and Implementation of Gait Recognition System Abstract PDF
   Mayur Bhati | Rashid Khan 1102-1110
- Characterization of Hybrid Composites of Nano YAG:Ce-CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots and Conjugate Polymer Used for   Solid State Lighting Abstract PDF
   Nguyen Nang Dinh | Do Ngoc Chung | Pham Hong Duong 1111-1115
- Experimental and Numerical Studies on Composite Deck Slabs Abstract PDF
   Baskar. R 1116-1125
- Effects of Four Wave Mixing on an Optical WDM System by using Dispersion Shifted Fibre Abstract PDF
   Nahyan Al Mahmud | Bobby Barua 1126-1130
- Investigations on Three Phase Five Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Abstract PDF
   C.R.Balamurugan | S.P.Natarajan | R.Bensraj 1131-1139
- Mathematical Model to Predict Linear Phase Condition Transport of E.Coli in Pheratic Aquifer at Elele in Rivers State of   Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Eluozo, S. N | Ademiluyi, J. O | Nwaoburu A .O 1140-1147
- Concept of Uncertainty Developed in a Vertical-Axis Robot Arm Abstract PDF
   T.C. Manjunath 1148-1154
- Ajax Enabled Web Application Model with Comet Programming Abstract PDF
   Rajendra Kachhwaha | Priyadarshi Patni 1155-1161
- IVTrace: A Cost-Effective Vehicle Tracking System-A Prototype Abstract PDF
   D. Sudharsan | Sudheer Katta 1162-1171
- Security Threats Prediction on Local Area Network Using Regression Model Abstract PDF
   Alese B.K | Osisanwo F.Y | Fasoranbaku O | Adetunmbi A.O 1172-1181
- DK Model Equations of a Fixed Axis Robot Arm Abstract PDF
   T.C. Manjunath 1182-1188
- Experimental Study of the Change in Density, Viscosity and Acidity of Bonny Light Crude Contaminated with CO2 Abstract PDF
   Adebayo, Thomas Ayotunde | Egure, Omemi Daniella 1189-1191
- Optical Polarization Filters and Splitters Based on Multimode Interference Structures using Silicon Waveguides Abstract PDF
   Trung-Thanh Le | Manh-Cuong Nguyen 1192-1196
- Modeling of STATCOM with Six Pulse SPWM based VSC and its Power Flow Study Abstract PDF
   T.Renuka | Chandhrasekhar 1197-1206
- Attenuation of Noise by Using Absorption Materials and Barriers: A Review Abstract PDF
   Lamyaa Abd AL-Rahman | Raja Ishak Raja | Roslan Abdul Rahman 1207-1217
- An Investigation of Water Diffusion Behavior into Nanoorganoclay-Epoxy Composites Abstract PDF
   Dinh Van Chau 1218-1226
- Laws of Mixing for Oxides and Other Materials Abstract PDF
   Anup Mishra | Poonam Sinha | Omprakash Verma 1227-1234
- Performance, Combustion and Emission of a PKME Fuelled DI-Diesel Engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation Abstract PDF
   YMC Sekhar | S. Adinarayana | M. Anil Prakash | K. Praveen, K. Ajay 1235-1245
- SPI Method to Study the Load Flow of Networks AC-DC Power System Abstract PDF
   Ghanemi Nadir | Labed Djamel 1246-1250
- Performance of a CI Engine with Different Blends of Mahua (Madhuca Longifolia) Biodiesel under Varying Operating   Conditions Abstract PDF
   M. C. Navindgi | Maheswar Dutta | B. Sudheer Prem Kumar 1251-1255
- A Literature Review and Classification of Selected Software Engineering Researches Abstract PDF
   Ahmed Saleem Abbas | W. Jeberson | V.V. Klinsega 1256-1282
- Using Precast R.C in Cellular Dam Construction Abstract PDF
   Tarek Abd El Rady Mahmoud | Gamal Sadik Ebaid | Ali Abd El Fatah | Nagi Ali Ali Hassan 1283-1289
- Determination of Optimum Operational Conditions of a Grain Stripper Header for Rice Harvesting in Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Adisa A. F | Ndirika V. I. O | Yiljep Y. D | Mohammed U.S 1290-1300
- Dynamic Simulation of Industrial Reformer Reactors Abstract PDF
   Wordu, Animia Ajor 1301-1317
- A Novel Reversible Gate and its Applications Abstract PDF
   N.Srinivasa Rao | P.Satyanarayana 1318-1323
- gED – A Quantitative Approach To Detect Explosives Abstract PDF
   M.B.Muthukumaresan | V.S.Ramesh | S.Jagadishkumar 1324-1327
- Investigating the Effects of Threshold in Credit Card Fraud Detection System Abstract PDF
   Alese B. K | Adewale O. S | Aderounmu G. A |Ismaila W.O. | Omidiora E. O. 1328-1332
- Performance Evaluation of Rake and Pre-Rake Receiver for a Wireless DS-CDMA System Abstract PDF
   Manish Rai | Amanpreet Singh Saini 1333-1335

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