Vol. 2, No.2 February 2012

Pages 116-327

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Nanostructuring of Nanorobots for use in Nanomedicine Abstract PDF
   Kal Renganathan Sharma 116-134
- The Flushing Time of an Environmentally Sensitive, Yanbu Lagoon along the Eastern Red Sea Coast Abstract PDF
   Alaa M. A. Albarakati 135-140
- A Fast Handoff Mechanism for Wireless LAN Abstract PDF
   Sushama Rani Dutta | Rohit Vaid 141-145
- Impact of Atmospheric Gases on Fixed Satellite Communication Link at Ku, Ka and V Bands in Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Temidayo V. Omotosho | Aderemi A. Atayero 155-162
- Statistical Correlation of Optimized Gas Turbine Fault Analysis Abstract PDF
   Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya 163-173
- Theoretical Investigation of a Cascaded Fin Thermal Behavior Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox Abstract PDF
   Abdulmajeed S. AL-Ghamdi 174-187
- Selection of the Best Artificial Lift Method for One of the Iranian Oil Field Using Multiple Attribute Decision Making   Methods Abstract PDF
   Ehsan Fatahi | Hossein Jalalifar | Pyman Pourafshari | Babak Moradi 188-194
- E-Healthcare/Telemedicine Readiness Assessment of Some Selected States in Western Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Emuoyibofarhe O. Justice 195-201
- Development of a Meat Slicing Machine Using Locally Sourced Materials Abstract PDF
   Odior, A. O. 202-208
- Performance Evaluation of PSS and STATCOM on Oscillation Damping of a North-Central Power Network of Nigeria Grid   System Abstract PDF
   Ambafi, J. G.| Nwohu M. N.| Ohize H. O.| Tola, O. J. 209-219
- A Comparative Study of GCSC and TCSC Effects on MHO Distance Relay Setting in Algerian Transmission Line Abstract PDF
   Mohamed Zellagui | Abdelaziz Chaghi 220-228
- Study of Auto Purification Capacity of River Atuwara in Nigeria Abstract PDF
   Omole, D.O.| Adewumi, I.K. | Longe, E.O. | Ogbiye, A.S. 229-235
- The Role of Transmitting Boundaries in Modeling Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Problems Abstract PDF
   Mohammed Y. Fattah | T. Schanz | Shatha H. Dawood 236-258
- Row of Shear Cracks Moving in Piezoelectric Crystals Abstract PDF
   G.E. Tupholme 259-265
- A Computer Program for Pipe Friction Factor Calculation Abstract PDF
   Tonye K. Jack 266-269
- Design and Implementation of Web based Remote Laboratory for Engineering Education Abstract PDF
   Prashant Kumar Tripathi | Jidhu Mohan M | K V Gangadharan 270-278
- Experimental Investigation of Low Flow Rate, Low Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Micro-Channel Abstract PDF
   R. Kalaivanan 279-283
- Capacitive Compensation on Three Phase Unbalanced Radial Distribution System Using Index Vector Method Abstract PDF
   K.V.S. Ramachandra Murthy | M. Ramalinga Raju 284-291
- The Need of Re-engineering in Software Engineering Abstract PDF
   Ahmed Saleem Abbas | W. Jeberson | V.V. Klinsega 292-295
- Encrypted IP Voice Call Communication on Android through Sip Server on 3G GPRS Abstract PDF
   Saruchi Kukkar 296-299
- The Potential for Investment in Indonesia’s Geothermal Resource Abstract PDF
   Phil Smith 300-307
- Geopolymerization of Industrial By-Products and Study of their Stability upon Firing Treatment Abstract PDF
   H.M.Khater | Sayieda.R.Zedane 308-316
- Implementation of a Low Cost PWM Voltage Source Multilevel Inverter Abstract PDF
   Neelashetty Kashappa | Ramesh Reddy K 317-321
- Development Traffic Volume Reduction Caused By Automatic Parking Barrier Abstract PDF
   Johnnie Ben-Edigbe | Aliffa Ramli 322-327

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