Vol. 2, No.12 December 2012

Pages 1908-2011

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Effect of Pulsed Current on Temperature Distribution, Weld Bead Profiles and Characteristics of GTA Welded Stainless   Steel Joints Abstract Full Text
   N.Karunakaran 1908-1943
- Closed Form of the Elementary Coaxial Cable Parameters in a Longitudinal Thermal Perturbation in Combination with   the Skin Effect Abstract Full Text
   Hatim G. Zaini 1917-1920
- Estimation of Fracture Length as a Mechanical Property in Hydrofraturing Technique using an Experimental Setup Abstract Full Text
   B. Guruprasad | A. Ragupathy | T.S. Badrinarayanan | R.Venkatesan 1921-1925
- Weldability of Recycled   Steel Bars in Uganda Abstract Full Text
   Senfuka C. | Kirabira J.B. | Byauhanga J.K. 1926-1933
- Experimental Study of Darcy and Non-Darcy Flow in Porous Media Abstract Full Text
   Oyinkepreye D. Orodu | Favour A. Makinde | Kale B. Orodu 1934-1943
- Multiple Norms for Clustering of Mobile Agents in Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract Full Text
   LingaRaj.K | Aradhana.D | Lokesh.K.S 1944-1950
- Effects of Silica in Rice Husk Ash (RHA) in producing High Strength Concrete Abstract Full Text
   Kartini, K. | Nurul Nazierah, M.Y. | Zaidahtulakmal, M.Z. | Siti Aisyah, G. 1951-1956
- Increasing National Energy Mix through Carbon Sequestration of Coal for Improved Power Generation Abstract Full Text
   H. U. Ugwu | E. A. Ogbonnaya | C. I. Ezekwe | O.C. Iloeje 1957-1964
- Decade Developments of Rotary Compressor Abstract Full Text
   Pravin K. Katare | Vilayat M. Kriplani 1965-1973
- Analysis the Performance of Coded WSK-DWDM Transmission System Abstract Full Text
   Bobby Barua 1974-1983
- Linear Superposition of Symmetric IFS-Based Attractors and Fractal Characterization Abstract Full Text
   Salau T. A.O. | Ajide O.O. 1984-1990
- Contact Stress Analysis around Elliptical Bolt-loaded Hole in Orthotropic Plates Abstract Full Text
   O. Aluko | S. T. Adedokun | T. A. Fashanu 1991-2001
- Use of Road Weather Information System (RWIS) as Assistive Tool for Effective Winter Road Maintenance – Technical   and Contractual Interactions Abstract Full Text
   Adel Abdi | Hans Lind | Björn Birgisson 2002-2011
- Modeling of Wind Turbines Equipped with Induction Machines for Voltage Profile Studies Using PSCAD Abstract Full Text
   T. Abedinzadeh | J.Pouladi 2012-2019
- ResourceGate: A New Solution for Cloud Computing Resource Allocation Abstract Full Text
   Abdullah A. Sheikh 2020-2025
- Dynamics of Solid Bed Dehydration in a Niger Delta Natural Gas Liquids Plant Abstract Full Text
   Akpabio, E.J | Aimikhe,V.J 2026-2032
- Effect of Capacitor Injection in the Rotor Winding of an Induction Machine Abstract Full Text
   Eugene Okenna Agbachi 2033-2035

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